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You Are On Your Path For A Reason

As you prepare for your day, I want you to know that where ever you are on your journey you are there for a reason ..🛣️😘

You are where you are for a reason and the universe has a plan!💫

You might be at a crossroad..Feeling frustrated and uncertain of the next step you should take! I get it we all go through it!!🤗

Sometimes we question the path we have taken and begin to doubt if it is the right one.🙄😏

Listen, you are are unique and beautiful and know that the universe has brought you where you are for a reason!.🔆

Think back to where you started, look how far you have already come!! Celebrate and embrace the fact that you are not where you use to be ..🎉

This path may be Challenging…But I guarantee you are not alone!🤗😘

Debbie Forand


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1 Year Anniversary of My Health and Wellness Journey, Beachbody Transformation

In one year I have lost over 30 lbs and over 20 inches and have been released from all doctors!
I am a Fibromyalgia warrior and I am now in the best shape of my life!
Thanks to Beachbody and Shakeology and the amazing support from some amazing coaches and peeps!
Now I want to and will continue to pay it forward! It can be done! It can be you!!! It really was the best decision I have made.

It has been a hard road, but an amazing one and I feel so blessed that this opportunity fell in my lap and gave me my life back!!

Please watch this video and feel free to contact me for more information or if you have questions!

“Live is worth living, life is worth fighting for! Balance it out to live it to the fullest!!”