Christmas spirit do you have it? 5 tips to get you back in it.

I just got done cleaning up my front yard and fixing my Christmas decorations and it got me into thinking about the Christmas spirit. Are you in the Christmas spirit?

Do you have it.? Do you struggle with it?

I mean do you think it is it all about spending money and bills, and everything else. I’ve got five tips that might help you with the Christmas spirit. And how does the Christmas spirit relate to what I do. Well. As a business owner. Getting involved with. The family and decorating and all that stuff takes me away from my business. But I’m ok with that because what. Most companies do. Big big corporations what do they do. They have shut downs. And there’s a reason for that. There’s a reason big companies big factories to shut downs during the holidays. It’s not just because they want to but they do it for the Moral.

So I got five tips that I’m going to share with you that will help you get in the Christmas spirit.


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She Stood In The Storm & When the Wind Did Not Blow Her Away She Adjusted Her Sails!!!


I can’t even begin to tell you how much I have gone through in my life! This past year has been no exception except how I weathered the storms!
In years past it was all I could do to function when I was faced with something stressful. I would always get sick as soon as life got a bit challenging! Oh I had it all!!! Bronchitis, sinus infections, gastro issues, it was all there!!
I would also become the evil queen with stress and trust me you did not want to be around me!! Just ask my family they will tell you!!!

I knew though in my heart there had to be a better way because I knew it was going to keep happening!! I knew that life can throw you into a funnel sometimes! How I was weathering the storm was not only affecting me but my whole family!!! Something had to CHANGE!! AND IT DID! I was introduced to Beachbody, and TEAM Beachbody!

This past year I have overcome more inside than just a physical transformation!!
I am surrounded by so much POSITIVE energy from the people I have met! This is not just a business for me they have become my extended family, my friends, my mentors!!
Taking care of my health with nutrition and fitness gives me the energy to keep going!! I no longer get sick with every obstacle I am faced with!! I know longer have to keep a cabinet full of medicine for those just in case moments!!! I know longer see multiple doctors and put money in their bank accounts!!
Through the personal development I have learned to take what comes my way and turn it into personal growth for myself, my family and my business!!! I have the STRENGTH now to do that! I have the KNOWLEDGE to share it! I have the PASSION to help others!!!

When you see my posts know that I have YOUR interest at heart! I know how hard life can be! I know it is not easy to move forward! I know at times it can be depressing!! I also know there is a way if you just gave it a chance to adjust those sails and go the other way!

STORMS are going to happen but how we survive those storms will determine how we sail into the next approaching one!!

Are YOU READY??? Do you want help adjusting your sails then let’s chat!!!