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Choice, Chance, Change

Change, transformation, alteration what ever you what to call it , it is hard! It doesn’t matter what, or how, or even why; change is hard.

So many people resist change for many reasons!
Lack of knowledge
The the thought of the word can make some of us literally physically ill.
Ugg Listen, I am not knew to change. I have been through many changes in my life.
I was a young mom and military spouse moving every few years,
Divorcee, single mom, a mom to a child with Down syndrome, Full time career woman, to a work at home mom.
Those are just to name a few! I have seen my share of change and I can promise you that none of them came easy!!
Change is inevitable, we all go through it but we are creatures of habit ! But, we are also creatures of change and adaptation.
Our habits are created in our brains, and our brains are constantly changing in response to our changing environment. Our adaptability is the secret to our success as a species.
So what is it that makes change a little easier for some than others. Some are able to harness adaptability and use towards something positive, to make those choices, those decisions, of how we want things to be; and who we want to be in this thing we called life.
You have a lot more power to become the person you want to be more than you might think. You are not predetermined by external environments, nor by the genes that created you . The secret is to learn to retrain your brain, yup, retrain those habits!!
I am not expert, therapist, or psychologist ,  and I have always found it difficult to deal with change. I am speaking the heart here because change is weighing heavy on my heart tonight. 
As much as I wanted to think of myself as a flexible go with the flow kind of person, It never went with out internal struggles. Aside from my OCD, I like to be in control of my situations!
I like to know where I am, what I’m doing, where I’m going. I like to have things layed out in black and white on my many lists of to-dos, and ideas.  Basically having a plan and being prepared I minimize the level of uncertainty in my life. Less uncertainty, less stress right?
My discomfort around uncertainty means I am usually very in-decisive.   In some ways this has been beneficial;  for example, it’s allowed me to take my time making the right decision on hard choices of change!!  In other ways, it’s been a disadvantage, especially when it does take a long time for me to make those changes, those decisions. I see others in places where I would have been had I not made the decisions sooner.
In the past when life threw me curve balls of change, It left me feeling uncertain!  I had to do whatever I needed to do to regain my sense of control.  Keeping my options open or “going with the flow” provoked feelings of restlessness, insecurities, and eventually a whole lot of stress!

My relationship with change, took a indisputable turn three years ago when  I embarked on the adventures of a home based business.
Some people think   Direct Sellers or Multi Level Markets as scam artists, or crooks. Some think of them as annoying, and bothersome.  Well I am a direct seller, a so called Multi Level Marketer and though my name may not be in spotlights just yet I feel like I have already succeeded beyond my dreams.

Change happens, and learning how to cope with that change I learned by being in this business. It has taught me how to be a better me. To live a life without fear! To live for change!  It has taught me that everyday we wake up to a new adventure with no way of knowing where it will take us!!  To adapt easier and accept things  good or bad! To enjoy the ride, to live to the fullest!!

Change is hard, but with out it what do you really have?



Do you have dreams? Of course you do, we all do! Many though give up on them, then tend to get caught up in just living and surviving and push them aside!!

Like many others I also got stuck in that normality! Just settling and what I had was what was suppose to be! Well three years ago I set my mind on a dream! A dream of living a life that I was told was not possible!
A year ago I took a chance on my dreams and acted! I didn’t wait till someone told me to, I didn’t wait till the time was RIGHT! I didn’t wait until tomorrow!! I just did it!! I am so glad I did and I am ready and excited for the next year!!!

This past week has been very trying due to a family emergency, but even with all the struggles of the week I didn’t have to set my dreams aside, I didn’t have to stop! Working From home doing something that not only changes my life but creates positive changes in others is a dream in itself!

If you are looking for FREEDOM….
If you are TIRED of Just Settling and being just like everyone else… and are looking for that FREEDOM to just be YOU……
Then I want to ask you are you ready to start CHASING THOSE DREAMS???

I am looking to mentor 2 people to join my team!! If you are someone who is ready to to make some serious changes in their life! Someone who is ready to do what it takes for their FAMILY!! Someone who is ready to think outside that normality! Then please fill out this form and your journey toward your DREAMS will BEGIN!!!



Coach Reveal with A Twist

So This Is A Little Different


Have you ever wondered what I do!! Why do I share all these fitness post’s, nutrition posts, and all those goofy pics of myself???

Have you ever wondered why I share pictures of me drinking a healthy dose of super nutrition???

Have you ever wondered what an online health and wellness coach with Team Beachbody really is???


Well do I have something for you!!!!!!!

It is coming so mark your calendar!!!


I will be doing a Coach Reveal on 15 and 16 July!!!! With a Live QA session to end it!!!

Listen I know many of you are curious!! I know many of you wish there was something more than your 9-5 Job!!!


The information that I will be sharing may just be what you are looking for but how will you know if you don’t come!!!!


👉Are you someone who might really love to eat, and now have a few extras; and are interested in making a change!

👉Are you someone  who really has a passion to make a difference in the world no matter how small or big. ❤️

👉Are you someone who is strong, and  who stand up for what they believe in. Someone who knows that this life is to short and they need to just get up and go after  what they want!  

👉Are you someone who knows how to enjoy life, and share the blessing that each day brings regardless of how small.

👉Are you someone who is passionate about health and fitness. 💪🏼


Maybe you are someone ……..

✔️ who wants to be their own boss

✔️ is tired of working for someone else

✔️ wants to take DREAM vacations ✈️🌎

✔️ wants to be a part of change

✔️ wants to be able to things in their own time in their own way


Does it sound too good to be true??  It is not and I will reveal to you that it is possible, because I live it every day!!!
You do not need to be a personalized trainer! You do not need to have a fancy degree in nutrition! You don’t even have to be super fit, because being on your own journey is real!   You do not need to be perfect. You just need to be you!!!
You just need to have the desire to make a difference in someone’s day.  Just need to be part of something bigger, part of ending the trends to obesity and other health related illnesses that can be prevented by fitness and nutrition.

You just need to be willing to show up every day, keep it real, and be willing to grow inside as a person!!  Most importantly have fun and eventually… you will be a seriously killer, rockstar coach!

I am accepting guests into my upcoming Coach Life Revealed Group starting on Friday 15 July. If you are interested in securing your spot and joining in on the fun please join here: 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇




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Coach Reveal