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Sugar Is Toxic – My Journey

We all know that sugar is bad for us. Yes??
If you didn’t then maybe you have been hiding under a rock! Remember the Dentist telling you how sugar can hurt your teeth?
Sugar is toxic For our bodies, our teeth and our overall health!
 Unfortunately sugar is in almost everything!!
This past month while on an extended vacation in Maine I realized so much about how Sugar affects me and my son especially since we have been 99% Sugar free now for three years. I figured I am on vacation why not enjoy.  There were birthday parties, dinners out, and of course staying in someone elses home. My control was a bit limited.

I  tried to be careful on what I ate but many times it was a challenge. The only thing that I introduced into my body that I had not had in a long time was food with Sugar.  It made me sick in ways that I have not felt in years. I was hurting my body, and yes even my sons. I should have been a stronger person but now that  I know how it affects us It will never happen again. 

It is now one of my top priorities and a passion of mine help spread the education of this toxin to others, my family, my friends; on the dangers of consumption of sugar.
I am by no means an expert but what I will be sharing with you on my experiences over the next few weeks will hopefully help you to think twice about the foods you are purchasing, and consuming.
I will be doing some videos and blogs in the coming weeks sharing my journey with and without sugar with you all when I return home.
Like body aches, mental fog, exhaustion, digestive issues just to name a few!!

I see so many people that I care about that are trying to live a healthier lifestyle, yet sugar is everywhere in their home, in their lives!

We all have heard the research, maybe even seen a few videos but if you are still consuming it then you are putting you and your family at risk!

I want to share with you some research and a documentary that I found while doing some research!!


Sugar Coated  – The Documentary



Some Further Resources!!! 



Robert H. Lustig, M.D., M.S.L

fructose overload infographic

Discover the fructose content of common foods, beverages, sauces, and even sugar substitutes in our infographic “Fructose Overload.” Visit our infographic page for the high-res version.

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Have you lost a bit of yourself? Holiday’s got you blue ?? Are you ready for a challenge?…. Best part is your don’t even have to leave your house!! True, How amazing is that right??join-foreasy-mealsmotivationmindset-for-changeguilt-free-bakingfight-cravingsfitness-can-be-funkick-start-a-new-year-and-a-new-you
Let’s get real for a minute….
✔You spend every day focusing on your family and others
✔You eat standing up a lot of time
✔You find yourself skipping meals or eating on the run
✔Exhausted All The time

Let’s face it!! Today’s lifestyles are busy! We have more and more families with dual working parents! We have more and more families with caring for a loved one with a disability in one form or another! We are seeing parents and grandparents out there that are living unhealthy lifestyles because of it! Let’s face finding time for yourself is hard if not impossible! There are just not enough hours in a day!! I get it! I felt the same up until a year ago!
What If I told you there is a way! A way for you to find yourself again, feel good about YOU again and at the same time get healthy and fit!

What Is it?

CLEAN EATING!! NO Calorie Counting! NO counting Points! No starving yourself! NO Fads!! It’s a focus on balancing out nutrition with the right food FOR THOSE OF US THAT ARE CRAZY BUSY!
NOW LET’S THINK ABOUT FITNESS – Who has time for that right? Give me 30 mins a day and I WILL get you on track to feeling like YOU again! All the workouts are in the comfort of your own home! So no need for a sitter to go to a gym!
You will have me as your personal coach helping you… motivating you… and supporting you on a daily basis!

You see I GET IT! I understand how hard it is to find time to focus on YOU! I do understand! You see, I am a special needs mom, and 16 months ago I felt lost then I took this challenge!
I have not only lost 39″ and 37lbs; but because I am healthier my family is healthier, and I am a better HAPPIER mom!
If you can commit to changing the way you feel then I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! TOGETHER we are STRONGER! So TOGETHER let’s get healthier!

What you get….
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I have already helped so many moms and dads take back their life and rediscover themselves and I would love to help you!!!

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