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Choice, Chance, Change

Change, transformation, alteration what ever you what to call it , it is hard! It doesn’t matter what, or how, or even why; change is hard.

So many people resist change for many reasons!
Lack of knowledge
The the thought of the word can make some of us literally physically ill.
Ugg Listen, I am not knew to change. I have been through many changes in my life.
I was a young mom and military spouse moving every few years,
Divorcee, single mom, a mom to a child with Down syndrome, Full time career woman, to a work at home mom.
Those are just to name a few! I have seen my share of change and I can promise you that none of them came easy!!
Change is inevitable, we all go through it but we are creatures of habit ! But, we are also creatures of change and adaptation.
Our habits are created in our brains, and our brains are constantly changing in response to our changing environment. Our adaptability is the secret to our success as a species.
So what is it that makes change a little easier for some than others. Some are able to harness adaptability and use towards something positive, to make those choices, those decisions, of how we want things to be; and who we want to be in this thing we called life.
You have a lot more power to become the person you want to be more than you might think. You are not predetermined by external environments, nor by the genes that created you . The secret is to learn to retrain your brain, yup, retrain those habits!!
I am not expert, therapist, or psychologist ,  and I have always found it difficult to deal with change. I am speaking the heart here because change is weighing heavy on my heart tonight. 
As much as I wanted to think of myself as a flexible go with the flow kind of person, It never went with out internal struggles. Aside from my OCD, I like to be in control of my situations!
I like to know where I am, what I’m doing, where I’m going. I like to have things layed out in black and white on my many lists of to-dos, and ideas.  Basically having a plan and being prepared I minimize the level of uncertainty in my life. Less uncertainty, less stress right?
My discomfort around uncertainty means I am usually very in-decisive.   In some ways this has been beneficial;  for example, it’s allowed me to take my time making the right decision on hard choices of change!!  In other ways, it’s been a disadvantage, especially when it does take a long time for me to make those changes, those decisions. I see others in places where I would have been had I not made the decisions sooner.
In the past when life threw me curve balls of change, It left me feeling uncertain!  I had to do whatever I needed to do to regain my sense of control.  Keeping my options open or “going with the flow” provoked feelings of restlessness, insecurities, and eventually a whole lot of stress!

My relationship with change, took a indisputable turn three years ago when  I embarked on the adventures of a home based business.
Some people think   Direct Sellers or Multi Level Markets as scam artists, or crooks. Some think of them as annoying, and bothersome.  Well I am a direct seller, a so called Multi Level Marketer and though my name may not be in spotlights just yet I feel like I have already succeeded beyond my dreams.

Change happens, and learning how to cope with that change I learned by being in this business. It has taught me how to be a better me. To live a life without fear! To live for change!  It has taught me that everyday we wake up to a new adventure with no way of knowing where it will take us!!  To adapt easier and accept things  good or bad! To enjoy the ride, to live to the fullest!!

Change is hard, but with out it what do you really have?

Don’t Be Frightened!


Transcript ——-

Hey there it is Debbie I was jumping on here today from the beautiful sunshine state of Florida and it’s actually getting a little windy outside so we may get some rain.

If you are just joining me for the very first time my name is Debbie Forand, and I am a health and wellness coach with Beachbody.
I’ve been a coach for a little over a year now. I help busy moms and dads find balance in their lives through nutrition and fitness especially those with special needs and I help older men and women find balance in their lives and feel young again vibrant and healthy. I’ve been a coach for about a year and I shared something in my group today that I wanted to jump in here and share with you all and if you’re not familiar with my groups my group I do monthly Facebook groups. These groups are motivating their informational, I provide tips, and recipes; and we provide each other encouragement.
We keep each other accountable to our fitness goals and they are really really fantastically supportive. I really love these groups. Every month I change it up with the themes and we have a lot of fun in these groups; and it really helps keep them on their tracks to their goals, it help me stay on track and it provides support that they might not get especially when you’re trying to do a health and wellness routine and journey from your home and you’re not going to support groups outside your home. So it’s a great online support group.

So I shared this in the group today, and so I want to do today is I want to give you three tips. Three tips on how not to be afraid to be a beginner. Does being a beginner scare you? I know I’ve been scared many times as a newbie at something and that’s what I want to talk to you today about.

If you’re just joining me i’ll reintroduce myself my name is Debbie Forand I am a health and wellness coach with Beachbody. I am the founder of Beyond Fitness A Taste for Balance and I help busy moms and dads find balance in their lives through nutrition and fitness to live a less stressful happier healthier life. So 3 tips being a beginner is not fun right? And the reason this came to me today I’m going to put my eyeballs on that I can see what’s going on So being a beginner is not fun and I’ve been a beginner and I’m sure you have we all have been beginners before.

You know we started out as beginners in our childhood. We are beginner walkers, and Learners. We go into adulthood we are beginners in relationships in our careers and jobs. IF you’re on a healthy journey you’re a beginner at that. If you’ve decided to change your eating and your eating cleaner and healthier guess what? You’re a beginner at that as well. If you have started a new fitness routine you a beginner, and even if you have been doing this for quite some time say you’ve been eating healthy and you’ve been doing a fitness routine workout program whatever you want to call it you’ve been doing it for quite some time now. So your like Im not a beginner any more. I guarantee you something new has come your way that makes you a beginner.

So through all these things in life that you’re a beginner what are the thoughts that go through your head. Some of them are you’re scared. You’re intimidated you aren’t sure if you can do this, you start self-doubting yourself you start questioning your abilities, you know is this right for me can I do this? So the three tips that I’m going to provide to you today is something that I kind of thought to myself today. I started a new program a month ago and I did a new routine on that program today and I was intimidated by it.
I’ll tell you

It’s scared me, I’ve heard about it and it scared me. So I wasn’t quite sure if I had it in me to do this, and of course all these things went through my head.

I can’t do that I’m too old!

I’m not ready for that, I’m not strong enough to do that yet, I have too many other things to do!

So every excuse went through my mind to not do it. And then I remind myself of these three tips that I learned a year ago as a beginner, and I applied them today and they worked, I got it done. So I want to share them with you.

So tip number one is you’ve got to jump right in!

Whatever it is whether it’s a new career, whether it’s health and fitness journey, whether it’s you know you a new relationship its scary, change is scary you’re new at it you’re a beginner you’re a newbie however you want to work It, just jump right in. It’s kind of like, I like this analogy it’s kind of like when you’re swimming at the Springs you know you can’t just tip that little toe in and ease your way into it because that water is flipping cold. You have to just jump right in and be done with it. And thats the kind of mindset that you need to have, you’ve made a commitment to just jump in and do it.

The second one is to give yourself credit!

You have to give yourself credit. If you decide you’re going to eat healthier and you went a whole week of eating healthy that’s great give yourself a Pat on the back! If you changed a job and you’re like your six month Mark fantastic give yourself a Pat on the back! If you started a new a new fitness routine and you made it all the way to the end even though it wasn’t perfect even though you had to modify some of it you made it to the end of that 30 minutes. Give yourself a Pat on the back!

Give yourself where is due and that is going to help you get over that fear that intimidation of being that beginner. Hey I might not be perfect but I got it done. I might not be doing this like it’s supposed to be but I’m doing it. give yourself credit you deserve it.

 And then tip number three is don’t say a beginner.

Don’t stay a beginner. Yes everybody is a beginner and ( oh it hot out here) yes everybody is a beginner and yes you know you have to get past a point but don’t stay there. Constantly work towards not being that beginner. you don’t want to stay there, you don’t want to say maybe you want to become good at it right? so make that in your mind put it in your mind set your fears aside. Don’t stay as you beginner, move forward do what it takes, learn all you can do, give it 120 percent so you can go to the next level.

That’s it, those are my three quick tips on how not to be afraid to be a beginner. We’re all beginners, We’re all beginners in one form or another. I was reminded of that today when I was a beginner again. I had to face those fears. I had to face that intimidation and I had to overcome it in order to accomplish what I needed to accomplish. So guys everybody’s a beginner from the time they’re born to today we all go through it. It can be intimidating, it can be scary and hopefully those three tips those quick little three tips can help you overcome just a little bit of that fear and intimidation. so if you’re catching the video thank you for watching. I appreciate it if you  give it  a like, give some hearts, share it, share it your friends if you think it’s going to help somebody. And then if you watching the replay I appreciate you watching.

My name is Debbie Forand with Beachbody and help busy moms and dads find balance in their lives through nutrition and fitness so that they can live a less stressful and happier life. And guys I’m going to get out of here because it’s open house. Do you like going to open house? Open house ….it’s nice to meet the teachers, and it’s nice to see what’s going on but honestly I’ve been doing open houses now for 27 years give or take a year or two. Yaaa it’s getting old but I will do it for my CJ as you would for yours so i’ve  got to get ready to go to open house.

Don’t let things scare you and intimidate you we all have to start somewhere.

Till next time guys!