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Fight Fibromyalgia With A Total Lifestyle Change! It really is that easy!!

Two Years ago, it was hard for me to get out of bed every morning! The thought of exercising, doing lunges, and even lifting any sort of weights scared me to death. Walking was about the only thing I could tolerate! In 2011 I was diagnosed for a second time with Fibromyalgia! I went through the medications, the shots, the therapy, you name it and nothing seemed to help. Then one day I said enough and decided it was time for a lifestyle change.

I began exercising following a guided program, eating clean and healthy following specific meal plans, I was feeling better and a bit stronger but I still had a substantial amount of flare ups!! After 1 month I began drinking Shakeology and really started to feel the difference. After 60 days of drinking this amazing super food I went to my doctor and told her how amazing I felt.  Full blood work panel was done and there was no sign of any autoimmune disease! In fact my results were beyond fantastic!!!

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I do not say I cured Fibromyalgia, nooo!!! Not at all!!! However I do believe that our life style, environment, and our eating habits play a vital role in how we feel and why this disease is so complicated!!! We have to take responsibility for what we put into and on our body and stop looking for quick fixes!!

Fibromyalgia is a medical condition characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain, tender joints and chronic fatigue. Fibromyalgia can be mild or severe, sporadic or chronic and has no known cure. Medications are available to reduce the pain of Fibromyalgia, but do not eliminate the pain completely. In addition, these medications often have side effects. One particular side effect being the havoc they wreak on the intestinal tract, causing an overgrowth of Candida which may lead to “leaky gut syndrome.” Not only did I have Leaky Gut, but a host of gastrological issues!! Doctors don’t know what causes fibromyalgia, but it most likely involves a variety of factors working together.

Lifestyle changes are the key when living with Fibromyalgia in order to identify triggers and control or dissipate the symptoms. Those living with the most chronic and debilitating type of Fibromyalgia can almost always alleviate the two most severe symptoms – chronic pain and fatigue – by adopting lifestyle changes with or without the use of medication.   Nutrition, sleep, exercise, and stress management can make a huge impact on pain management and quality of life.

Nutrition is one of the most  important in obtaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle. For those who live with Fibromyalgia, a healthy diet is vital. Nutrition is more than just eating your fruits and veggies. Nutrition also refers to the avoidance of highly-processed foods. Unfortunately Scientific research is limited on the relationship between nutrition/diet and Fibromyalgia; many cases show that people experience a decrease in symptoms when highly processed food, caffeine, alcohol, red meat, refined sugar and fried food are removed from their diet. This is how I have conquered it!

Several foods should be avoided when trying to reduce Fibromyalgia symptoms and these are based on my own experience, but the research is out there to validate. These food categories include:

  • High fat dairy food
  • Refined (white) sugars
  • White flour
  • Fried foods
  • Preservatives and additives
  • High-fructose corn syrup
  • Junk food High salt foods
  • Red meat Meats preserved by being smoked cured or nitrate cured, such as lunch meats
  • Coffee and caffeine
  • Sodas and carbonated beverages
  • Aspartame and all other artificial sweeteners
  • MSG (monosodium glutamate)

Fitness is another key component to reducing the symptoms of Fibromyalgia! No it is not easy at first but eventually over time you get stronger, the pain goes away, and it does get easier. Stretching, yoga, and Myofacial release are all important routines to incorporate into any Fitness program for someone suffering with Fibromyalgia!

Exercise helps break the chronic pain cycle of FIbromyalgia.  When I don’t exercise even something as simple as walking I have Fibro Flare ups.  Getting that oxygen to my muscles, tendons, and brain always helps with my symptoms.

You can’t just jump into something so do your research, higher a good quality personal trainers, and most important talk to your medical team.


Here is a great article for research!!

A Toxic Environment is another avenue that is so important to focus on when you have Fibromyalgia!! This is important one that gets over looked often so please don’t dismiss this!! There is so much information out there so please do your own research. I can only share what I know and what I have experienced on my wellness journey!!

According to the National Institute of Occupation Safety and Health.  There are 2983 ingredients in our cleaning products at home.

  • 884 are toxic ingredients
  • 314 cause biological mutations
  • 218 cause reproductive problems
  • 778 are toxic to the human body
  • 146 are known to cause cancerous tumors but still allowed in the US even though they are banned in other countries
  • 376 cause eye and skin irritation

 26 seconds after exposure, chemicals are found in measurable amounts in the human body


The top 10 most dangerous chemicals in our home are in:

  • Air Fresheners, Candles, Laundry Soap/Fabric Softener/Dryer Sheets
    • All-Purpose Cleaner/Furniture Polishes/Window Cleaners
    • Shower/Tub/Sink/Toilet Cleaners
    • Bleach/Dish Soap/Dish Washer Detergent
    • Drain and Oven Cleaners

(Courtesy of United States Environmental Protection Agency)

What Happens When Your Body Is Chemically Overloaded?

You may see something as catastrophic as cancer, but most of us feel it in a different way like:

  • Lethargy and inability to focus/Headaches/Respiratory conditions
  • Sleep trouble/Hormone issues/Skin issues
  • Chronic inflammation & pain like fibromyalgia
  • Stress, anxiety and fear

    All are Symptoms of Fibromyaligia

If you face any of these issues, it’s time to do something about it.  You can’t control what happens in the world, but you can control what happens in your home.

As an online Mindsest and wellnes Coach I work with people everyday that are going back to the basics! With whole natural foods and products that are not saturated with toxic chemicals and additives!!  Lives are being changed, my life was changed, and yours can to!!

Medicine doesn’t always work and it is not the end all be all! Doctors Don’t know what causes it that is why there is such a hodge podge of information out there that just confuses us more!

Honestly think about it, what do you have to loose but try???
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IMG_20160518_105146I am going to get real today!!!! I hear to often misguided information on this fantastic super food that I call my life line!!!
So I want to set a few things straight today!!!
You with me????

Shakeology is not a protein shake!!!! I know sometimes it can be easy to compare it to everything else you hear about. But don’t!! Shakeology is a nutrient rich super food. It 100% natural, not one chemical added to it to make it taste better. It contains over 70 Natural ingredients that gives you your daily dose of dense nutrition. -You get your super foods, amino acids, digestive enzymes, anti oxidants, pre and pro-biotics and more. I have tried at least a dozen of others and they don’t compare to the taste or the benefits!!!
I often hear people complaining about the carbs and fats in Shakeology as opposed to others…. Listen I get it!!! I used to think the same thing!! Being on low-carb diets trying to loose that extra baggage is tough! However, these low carb diets are proven to be less efficient when you also try to incorporate them also into a fitness program. Which you should be doing!!!
Yes, carbs are the macronutrient most prone to turn to fat, but that’s only when they’re not being used properly. They’re also the body’s preferred source of fuel, as in, they’re the most efficient way to fuel workouts. Without carbs, your body can convert protein and fat (both dietary and bodily) to fuel, but it’s a less efficient pathway, so may be prone to issues like low blood sugar or worse your muscles may start to break down! So adding Shakeology to your plan shouldn’t harm you in anyway. You should have AT THE LEAST that many carbs in your diet. Simply put, carbs help you work out harder and that will IMPROVE your results.
Here is the big one! It is to expensive—- Now I have talked about this before and I am going to share it again!! I know with today’s economy many people are on fixed incomes. It is hard to think about spending money on a something like this, so let’s take a minutes and LOOK AT THE REAL VALUE.
Take a day and look at how much you spend on a healthy meal? Or just a meal in general? $5 , $6, $7 maybe! If you are eating healthy a salad at the store will run you at least $7!!!! Now look at what you are eating for the one meal. How nutritious is it? Shakeology, will run around $4.33 per shake!!! HELLO!!!!! Are you hearing me yet????
I bet a lot of you spend more than that on your coffee house runs alone!!! I mix mine with Coffee and not only am I getting my most nutritious meal of the day, it tastes so much better than anything I would get at a coffee house!!
Here is something that I share in my challenge groups!! Let’s do a little visualization!!! You go to the store and buy yourself a months worth of meals for just you!! How much do you think you would spend???? Can you duplicate the ingredients and nutrition that you would get with Shakeology??? Think about that!!!! 🍏🍌🍗🍓🍆
I don’t need to loose weight, I don’t need it! —- Ugggg I stomp my feet like a little kid when I hear this!!! People you are missing the point!!! Today’s society has marketed so many quick weight loss fads that we have it in our minds that all nutritious drinks are just for weight loss. We have in in our minds that because we already exercise we don’t need it!! Shakeology is not a weight loss shake!!! Shakeology is about HEALTH!!!! When you put the RIGHT nutrients in your body it helps it to heal, repair, and thrive. You will have more energy, less cravings for all that junk, and YOU WILL become more active!!
Now for those that need to shed a few pounds; with Shakeology, weight loss can be the result of this amazing does of dense nutrition( along with proper exercise) SO AGAIN IF YOU WANT TO LOOSE WEIGHT YOU HAVE TO GET HEALTHY!!!

My family thrives on Shakeology!!! I honestly can not image us not having it everyday!! As a special needs mom I know that everytime I am giving my son a delicious shake to drink as a treat, I am doing more for his body than any medicine ever could!!!

For myself I am a better person, I am more focused, and I have much more energy to be the mom I need to be!!!

I hope this helps clear up a few things and I would love to be your coach and help you get started to healthier lifestyle!!!

* I am not a health and nutrition expert nor a personal trainer. These are my opinions through my experiences!!
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Natural Healthy Way To Overcome Anxiety and Depression

What??? Wait???? Can this really help????

I know these are some of your questions because they were mine!!

For years I suffered with Chronic Anxiety and Depression. At one point in my life it was totally out of control! For years I took medication to help deal with this silent illnesses! Now I know my story is similiar to many others but this is a part of my life that I don’t share often and I can only hope that it inspires you to do something good for yourself. Anxiety happens, it is real!! Especially if you are having stressful times in your life. I was a single mom with a Child with Multiple Disabilities, working 50+ hours a week, and crossing over to Menopause! It was a Hormone Carnival inside me!!! I was a hot mess to say the least!!

Through a lot of education and self help I was able to get my medications for it down to just some anxiety medicine for those really tough moments! This medicine sat in my purse and went everywhere I went!! I just never knew when I was going to need it!! See Anxiety can be debilitating depending on how severe your attacks are! You can get dizzy, you have chest pains, confusion, you can have tremors. It is different for everyone but those were a few of the main symptoms that I had.  According to the National Institute of Mental Health Anxiety Disorders affect 18.1 percent of adults in the United States (approximately 40 million adults between the ages of 18 to 54). – National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH).

I was cleaning out an old purse the other day and found a bottle of my medication. This was the last time I carried it with me, and the last time I got it filled. The date on it was March 2015.  To be honest I have not even thought about it over this past year because I have not needed it!!! I found something better, something natural, something healthy; that not only controls and rids me of this horrible anxiety, but it is making my whole body healthier!!!

Now I want to share with you how I did this!! If you are still reading this then you or someone you know has a history with Anxiety and Depression! If you are still reading this then you know the horrible effects that the pharmaceutical companies and all their pills have on our health!! So what is this natural way???

Why it is my Super Dense Nutrition what I call my Mama Go Shake!! IMG_20180317_081237-01

I have been drinking my super dense nutritional shake now for 2.5 years. Never missed a day!!!  I started drinking it for the health benefits and an aid to my weight loss. BUT This I never expected though!

I never expected to have my anxiety and depression under so much control!! So I did some research as to why this delicious super food has not only helped me over come the weight loss and get healthier but why was it controlling these mental health issues I had faced for years ??!!

What I found out is it has in it a Proprietary Adaptogen Blend.  Adaptogens have been traditionally used to help the body adapt and respond to the effect of stress! In this blend there is an  Ashwagandha! Hormones play a significant role in anxiety development. Those that feel as though their anxieties appeared over time despite effective coping strategies and a high overall quality of life may be suffering from hormonal anxiety, caused by any number of problems with hormone balance.


That said, some examples of hormones that may contribute to anxiety include:

  • Stress Hormones (Cortisol)Cortisol and anxiety have a cyclical relationship. On the one hand, anxiety is essentially mental stress, and when you’re mentally stressed you release cortisol. However, research has also confirmed that excess stress hormone can cause both anxiety and depression, and contribute to the likelihood of an anxiety attack. Cortisol can have a powerful effect on your brain, and anything that increases cortisol production or decreases cortisol reduction (such as a lack of exercise) can cause anxiety.
  • Sex Hormones (Estrogen/Testosterone)Numerous studies have confirmed that anxiety often begins during periods of intense hormonal change, such as during prime ages of pregnancy, during menopause, etc. Generally, those changes affect sex hormones, such as estrogen and testosterone, indicating that the two hormones may contribute to anxiety. Studies on rates appear to confirm this belief.
  • Thyroid HormoneAn overactive thyroid can also cause a significant problem with anxiety, and is very likely to cause panic attacks. When you suffer from hyperthyroidism, your body goes on overdrive and starts to increase your overall body’s metabolism, causing hyperventilation and an increased heart rate, among other symptoms. Hypothyroidism, which occurs when you don’t have enough thyroid hormone, also appears to contribute to anxiety due to the way an underproduction of the thyroid hormone affects the brain.

Again, nearly any type of hormonal dysfunction can contribute to anxiety, because the body often responds to poorly functioning hormones with stress. But the three examples above tend to be the most common hormones that cause anxiety.

Ashwagandha, is an adaptogenic herb popular in Ayurvedic medicine that has shown incredible results for lowering cortisol and balancing thyroid hormones. This herb along combined with other Adaptogens  can balance out the hormones and help regulate them, however increasing testosterone is not primary function of the herb. If the body is out of balance and deficient in a particular hormone, it may help facilitate the this need by creating a more optimal regulation.ashwagandha-fruit_medium

I would have never thought that something that I was drinking everyday for weight-loss, and over all health would rid me of this evil in my life!!! So since I know now more about Adaptogens and this Proprietary blend in this shake! I will never stop drinking it, but I will also continue to introduce it into my sons diet. You see my son has Down syndrome and he has begun to experience depression and anxiety due to well… puberty!! This is a tough time in the lives of these kids because most if not all of them just don’t understand what is happening to their bodies and all the changes they are going through. At least half of all children and adults with Down syndrome face a major mental health concern during their life span.  Many times these individuals also have issues with Thyroid Function! My son also suffers from Hypothyroid and High Insulin!!!  Helloooooo!!!! Hormones!!!   Now I am not a doctor or a nutritionist, but what I am is a mom on a mission to better the health of her family especially her son with out these horrible medicines that have so many side effects!!

If it worked for me, why would it not work for him? If it worked for me, why would it not work for you? Menopause, disabilities, thyroids, hormones, insulin, diabetes; these are all words that almost everyone is familiar with so why not take control of them. Why are we as a society leaving the control of our mental health in the hands of the pharmaceutical companies!! Let’s take make our health and our minds!!!

Want to know more about this amazing shake that has changed my life? Please contact me!


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