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STOP Saying Tomorrow


This past weekend I saw some friends that I had not seen in months, and some even as long as a year as we attended a vintage camping rally! That pic above is our new 1966 Kenskill! We had a lot of fun visiting and enjoying the weekend. Then there were several moments that I was truly touched and my heart was filled and I want to share this with you all.πŸ’šπŸ’–

I had quite a few come up to me this past weekend and say something about my weight loss! You see… The picture on the left is how many of them remembered me! This was the old me!

debbie forand

Quite a few were surprised and there were a couple that didn’t even recognize me at first!! It truly Made me feel good yes, but what really touched me was knowing how I was inspiring them!! I didn’t know! 😱
As a coach and a business owner there are ups and downs, and even sometimes doubts will set in! We want to help others, we want to reach as many people as we can to help end this trend of obesity! We want to help others feel as amazing as we do, but the struggle is real nothing in life is easy! This is no different; You have to work for it!!

Then you have moments like these and it makes it all worth it!!
You know It really is true with that old saying, that you never know who is watching and who you are inspiring!!

This past weekend……

😲There were questions!
😁There was conversations!
❀There were hugs!!

AND… The one thing that was consistent that I told each one of them is this!!

βœ”You are never to old!
βœ”It is never to late!!
βœ”You just have to decide that you don’t want to live a life of being
unhealthy anymore and take back control!!!

Stop saying tomorrow!!


You Don’t Want To Miss This

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I Got MY LIFE Back


2-3 even 4 years or more ago I was not happy with ME. 😰
I hid behind every long sleeve shirt and baggy clothes!
I had to stop wearing makeup because my skin was so bad!
One of the biggest feelings I had to over come was how fat my face had gotten! Now I have pudgy face to begin with but my double chin had a double chin!!!!! 😱
I could not stand looking in the mirror and avoided being in front of cameras as much as possible!!

It was not just about the looks though! I was sick!
I was fighting Autoimmune diseases and was taking more pills than I should have been!

Taking care of me with the right nutrition through clean eating and Shakeology, on top of exercise not only gave me my face back, but it gave me my health, my confidence, and my life back!! πŸ“ My skin has cleared up, my hair is healthier, and most important I DON’T HIDE ANYMORE! πŸ˜πŸ’ƒ
I share this not to boast, but to hopefully inspire you to make today the day you decide enough is enough and do what you need to do for YOU!

It takes just one decision to change your life, to live healthier, to feel free about who you are inside and out!

Join me along with 1000’s of others who are taking a stand on ending the trend to obesity and obesity related illnesses!!

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I felt defeated!!

I felt defeated!! πŸ˜“

πŸ‘‰It wasn’t to long ago that I felt defeated!! I had lost hope that it was ever possible to be healthy again, or to loose the 40+lbs I had put on.
πŸ‘‰It wasn’t long ago that I saw a post like this on Facebook and thought to myself I can’t do that!
πŸ‘‰It wasn’t long ago that I was envious, but kept procrastinating!
It wasn’t long ago the doctors told me I had to change or my health would continue to deteriorate!
πŸ‘‰It wasn’t long ago that I made the decision to change my life, increase my nutrition, and do the right exercises!!
It wasn’t to long ago that I made the choice for myself!!

Are you that person?? Are you looking at this as I did a little over a year ago on other peoples posts and pictures, thinking wow and still procrastinating? STOP!β›”

πŸ’šIt just takes one action! One Decision to make it happen. There is not easy fix! There is no super pill!! It has to be a lifestyle change, and that change will become the new healthier you!!! One that as a coach I can help you with!!

Stop wishing and lurking! Make the decision I promise you that you will not regret it!! Message me and let’s chat!!! 😎

There is no easy way, you have to work for it!!