Aren’t You Worth Taking That Chance



Summer is here are you summer ready?

Yes you are taking a chance!
Yes you have to invest in you!
Yes you have to work hard!
Yes you have to make a commitment!!

But aren’t you worth it!!
Aren’t you worth taking that chance for yourself!!!

Sometimes you just have to go for it!!!!

Get yourself healthy and fit with the support of some amazing people!!!

Stand Strong and take that chance on yourself to finally start working towards those goals you have!!! Reality is tomorrow it maybe to late!!

Here is the link to my group. Please fill out the form so I can be in touch with you to help you get started right!!!

The Dragonflies Nest   – Private Facebook Group.



14067721_10154478658569993_1449150920837958323_n  Choose Your Hard

The Beachbody Health Bet: Getting Paid For Living A Healthier Lifestyle!


Do you want to get paid for working out?  How about earning extra cash just from forming healthy habits?  If so, Beachbody has you covered with the Health Bet, starting Sept 5, 2016!

What is Beachbody’s Health Bet?

Beachbody is literally betting cold hard cash that you will fall in love with getting healthy!

During the Challenge Period, from September 5th – October 2nd, 2016, anyone who meets the requirements below will win an equal share of a $1 million dollar pot funded by Beachbody! As a BONUS – for every Challenge Pack sold from July 27th – August 31st, 2016, Beachbody will add $5 to the pot for up to a $3 million dollar total!

Beachbody’s Health Bet focuses on building healthy habits.

If you needed a motivator to start then let this be it!! I love this concept of Health bet because it is not something that is focused on getting ripped, or loosing 100lbs. It is about the lifestyle change and supporting ending the trend to obesity and many health crisis that we as a society are faced with!!
So you are rewarded for creating healthy habits, because Beachbody’s mission is to promote healthy living and improved quality of life!

Workout three times per week and drink five Shakeology shakes.  That’s it!!!!
No pressure to workout for hours.  No embarrassing weigh ins, no gym memberships to worry about or getting to a class on time!!
You workout, drink a shake, and post them in the fantastic Beachbody Challenge Tracker app, where you choose who sees: either just your coach and no one else, or into the group feed where other participants in your challenge group can cheer you on.  Super simple.  No stress.  Fitness managed and accountability ensured, directly in the free Beachbody My Challenge Tracker app, available HERE for iPhone and HERE for Droid!

How much will you win?

It depends on how large the final pot will be (minimum of  $1 million and maximum of $3 million) and how many people participate.  So it could be $5, $15, $50 or more.   Beachbody will announce the total pot amount in early September.

But the good news is this… whether you get a big check, or just enough to pay back your investment on getting started, you will be a winner in that you have created the healthy habits of moving your body and drinking a healthy shake!  You will be a stronger, more fit, more vibrant person at the end of the month than you were when you started.

Want to join me?

I am running a special Health Bet challenge group for the entire contest period.  We start September 5th and run through October 2nd.  So you will not only earn the Beachbody Health Bet payout, but you’ll also get my personal support and accountability, along with that of my entire team and everyone that chooses to join them as well!  No social media like Facebook required, and if you choose to remain completely private in the challenge and log your workouts and Shakeology pics for just me as your coach and Beachbody to see, that’s great.  You’ll still see the group feed for inspiration and motivation; and I’ll be here cheering you on while working on my own goals (and cash)!


She Stood In The Storm & When the Wind Did Not Blow Her Away She Adjusted Her Sails!!!


I can’t even begin to tell you how much I have gone through in my life! This past year has been no exception except how I weathered the storms!
In years past it was all I could do to function when I was faced with something stressful. I would always get sick as soon as life got a bit challenging! Oh I had it all!!! Bronchitis, sinus infections, gastro issues, it was all there!!
I would also become the evil queen with stress and trust me you did not want to be around me!! Just ask my family they will tell you!!!

I knew though in my heart there had to be a better way because I knew it was going to keep happening!! I knew that life can throw you into a funnel sometimes! How I was weathering the storm was not only affecting me but my whole family!!! Something had to CHANGE!! AND IT DID! I was introduced to Beachbody, and TEAM Beachbody!

This past year I have overcome more inside than just a physical transformation!!
I am surrounded by so much POSITIVE energy from the people I have met! This is not just a business for me they have become my extended family, my friends, my mentors!!
Taking care of my health with nutrition and fitness gives me the energy to keep going!! I no longer get sick with every obstacle I am faced with!! I know longer have to keep a cabinet full of medicine for those just in case moments!!! I know longer see multiple doctors and put money in their bank accounts!!
Through the personal development I have learned to take what comes my way and turn it into personal growth for myself, my family and my business!!! I have the STRENGTH now to do that! I have the KNOWLEDGE to share it! I have the PASSION to help others!!!

When you see my posts know that I have YOUR interest at heart! I know how hard life can be! I know it is not easy to move forward! I know at times it can be depressing!! I also know there is a way if you just gave it a chance to adjust those sails and go the other way!

STORMS are going to happen but how we survive those storms will determine how we sail into the next approaching one!!

Are YOU READY??? Do you want help adjusting your sails then let’s chat!!!




Do you have dreams? Of course you do, we all do! Many though give up on them, then tend to get caught up in just living and surviving and push them aside!!

Like many others I also got stuck in that normality! Just settling and what I had was what was suppose to be! Well three years ago I set my mind on a dream! A dream of living a life that I was told was not possible!
A year ago I took a chance on my dreams and acted! I didn’t wait till someone told me to, I didn’t wait till the time was RIGHT! I didn’t wait until tomorrow!! I just did it!! I am so glad I did and I am ready and excited for the next year!!!

This past week has been very trying due to a family emergency, but even with all the struggles of the week I didn’t have to set my dreams aside, I didn’t have to stop! Working From home doing something that not only changes my life but creates positive changes in others is a dream in itself!

If you are looking for FREEDOM….
If you are TIRED of Just Settling and being just like everyone else… and are looking for that FREEDOM to just be YOU……
Then I want to ask you are you ready to start CHASING THOSE DREAMS???

I am looking to mentor 2 people to join my team!! If you are someone who is ready to to make some serious changes in their life! Someone who is ready to do what it takes for their FAMILY!! Someone who is ready to think outside that normality! Then please fill out this form and your journey toward your DREAMS will BEGIN!!!